Saturday, September 10, 2005

New Orleans Long Plagued by Luters

From The (New London, Ct.) Day:

Luters From Louisiana Are Scattered, But Alive And Well

Day Staff Writer/Columnist, Police/Fire Reporter

Published on 9/10/2005

Rev. Marcus Luter, 71-year-old pastor of the Beulah Land Church of God In Christ United of Norwich, is one of 14 Luter children, born and raised in New Orleans. Some of them still live there. Many of them have children and grandchildren there.

While his prayers for the lives of the victims, living and lost, were plenty and powerful, Luter is grateful and thankful that his family members are all safe and accounted for in the after-wrath of Hurricane Katrina. And that's pretty phenomenal, actually. There's a lot of family.

“No, a hundred is not too high,” he said when I asked if that was a fair estimate of the number of relatives he had living in the Crescent City. “It's at least that many.”


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