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Thursday, September 01, 2005

No Excuse For Some Excuses


My PC blew up, miss

Donald MacLeod
Thursday September 1, 2005

New technology means that "the printer didn't work" and "our PC was stolen" have now overtaken "the dog ate it, miss" as excuses for not handing in homework.

But schoolboy (and schoolgirl) excuses are as alive and flourishing as ever, according to a survey published today.


Absent homework is never, ever, the pupil's fault. Siblings and parents come in for a lot of blame. "My baby sister was sick on it" and "my little brother drew all over it" were popular choices (mentioned by 13% of secondary teachers surveyed).

Perhaps more credible, and hinting at a dark family feud, was the excuse: "My mum tore it up as it included my uncle on the family tree who she hates."


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