Saturday, September 10, 2005

Not Enough Chinese-American Indians in San Bernadino

From the San Bernadino (Calif.) Sun of Sept. 10, 2005:

Money stands unused

Scholarship stiffly limited

Jacob Ogles, Staff Writer

San Bernardino Valley College wants to give away a third of a million dollars to dozens of lucky students.

They just can't find the right ones.

So $333,000 in scholarship funds sit untouched, waiting for the ambitious community college student with the right family tree. Only those born in the United States and claiming Chinese and American Indian descent, and who are pursuing an engineering degree, can lay claim to the prize.

Another wrinkle: The college doesn't have an engineering program.

"We want to give this money away," said college spokesman Paul Rubalcaba, "but we can't seem to find the right candidate."


[Read the whole story]
As it turns out, a student must be of Chinese or American Indian descent to be eligible. No word on whether candidates proving descent from both ethnic groups get twice the money.

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