Sunday, September 18, 2005

Off-Kilter Kilts

From Seattle (Wash.) Post-Intelligencer of Sept. 17, 2005:

Don't call them men in skirts — they're men in Utilikilts

By: ANNE KIM - Associated Press

It's the freedom, they say. The freedom to move, to feel the breeze, to stay cool on a hot summer day.

And all this freedom comes simply from banishing pants to the back of the closet, say the men who wear the Utilikilt, a rugged modern take on the Celtic kilt.

The garment ---- made in Seattle by the company of the same name ---- adds a twist of practicality to the traditional kilt. Made with tough fabric and accessories such as cargo pockets and a hammer loop, the garment has attracted marine biologists to construction workers who often point to the comfort factor as their reason for donning the pleats.


Utilikilts give men a way to make the usually formal kilt into something work-oriented, [Robert Laeger-Robertson, president of the Southwest Washington Scottish Highlanders Association] said.

But David Garman, president of the Scottish American Athletic Association, based in Los Angeles, says Utilikilts miss the point of the tartan colors and patterns, which represents family history and tradition.


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