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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Rasputin Remembered and Dis-membered

From the St. Petersburg (Russia) Times of Sept. 6, 2005:

Rasputin’s Notoriety Dismays Relative

By Galina Stolyarova

Staff Writer

“He is either demonized or deified and my mission is to try and make his image look more human, more normal, if you like,” says Laurence Huot-Solovieff, 62, one of the four great-grandchildren of Grigory Rasputin to come from his legal marriage, and the only of his surviving descendants to have traveled to Russia.

Interviewed in St. Petersburg’s Astoria hotel on Monday, Huot-Solovieff, who grew up in France, put the wild-eyed mystic who some felt ruled the country during World War I in a positive light.


Huot-Solovieff has not visited and has no plans to visit the Erotic Museum of the Prostatology Center, whose director Igor Knyazkin claims to have Rasputin’s sex organ preserved in a jar.

“I have seen men’s private parts before, and I don’t care if it is original or not,” she said. “As for the idea of cutting out genitalia and putting it on display, human greed is no surprise to me either. I have seen people do worse for money.”


[Read the whole story]
The Times published an article last year on the display of Rasputin's pickled parts. (The linked article is not for the squeamish or the prudish. In fact, no one should read it.)

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