Saturday, September 24, 2005

Shop 'Til You Drop Into an Ohlone Grave

From (of San Francisco, Calif.):

East Bay Shopping Center Sits Atop Burial Ground

Delicate Balance Between Commerce And Culture

KGO By Willie Monroe

Sep. 23 - A Bay Area filmmaker explores an open secret about a popular East Bay shopping center. Emeryville's Bay Street sits on an ancient Ohlone Indian community including a burial ground. It's a delicate balance between commerce and culture.

Bay Street Emeryville is described as a million square foot urban village. It's a center of commerce with upscale stores, restaurants and a movie theater. Nearly 400 apartments and townhouses are being built above the stores.


The dead buried here inspired Andres Cediel to make the documentary "Shellmound" for his master's thesis at the University of California at Berkeley's graduate school of journalism.

Andres Cediel: "You know, I grew up in the East Bay my whole life, went to school there, and I never heard of the burials at the Shellmound, never heard of any Native American burial grounds or anything until the shopping center opened."


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