Sunday, September 18, 2005

A Sister's Stony Silence

From the Medford (N.J.) Central Record of Sept. 15, 2005:

Mystery of grave stone solved! (Sort of)

by Nick DiUlio
The Central Record staff

TABERNACLE-A few weeks ago Howard Lincoln uncovered a tombstone buried in his backyard and no one-including township officials-had any idea where it had come from.


Because of a story that ran in The Central Record on Aug. 4, Agnes and Francis Edwards were alerted to a problem of which they had not previously been aware.


According to the couple -who live just a few blocks from the Lincoln residence - the name on the tombstone belongs to Agnes' late father.


Agnes claims her mother entrusted her son-in-law - the husband of one of Agnes' older sisters - with the task of ordering the granite stone and having it delivered to the gravesite. At the time, Agnes' sister and her brother-in-law lived at what is now the Lincoln residence in Tabernacle.

Presumably, the gravestone never made it to its destination and the Edwards are now in the process of trying figure out why. And to make matter more difficult, Agnes' sister has refused to speak to anyone in the family for some time now and her husband has been dead for several years.


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