Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Something's Rotten in Groton

From The Boston (Mass.) Globe:

Years take toll on town records

Historic records decaying as funds go elsewhere

By Matt Gunderson, Globe Correspondent | September 18, 2005

GROTON -- The air in the high-ceilinged vault inside Groton Town Hall, with its tattered parchments and venerable-looking volumes, is cool and odorless.

Sliding a tall, reddish book from one metal shelf, Town Clerk Onorina Maloney opened it, trailing her white-gloved hand delicately across its faded writing.

"See," she said, pointing at the page. "Longley, Sawtell. It has all the old family names in town."

The volume is one of dozens of historic books in this vault, cataloging meeting minutes and vital records that date to the early 1600s. Unfortunately, Maloney explained, many of the books are falling apart.

"As time goes by, this will all fade away," she said, her hand grazing again over the book's worn, brown page.


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