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Monday, September 05, 2005

Space Cadet Approves of Astrodome's Use as Shelter

From the Houston (Tex.) Chronicle of Sept. 4, 2005:

Dome's use 'cosmically correct'

Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle

The daughter of Judge Roy Hofheinz, who persuaded Harris County to build the world's first domed stadium, expressed delight last week that what is now called the Reliant Astrodome was sheltering hurricane evacuees.

"I'm sure Daddy's ghost is still haunting the place," said Dene Hofheinz Anton. "He'll be there in spirit, I'm sure, to welcome everyone in."


Anton said using the Astrodome for the hurricane victims is "cosmically correct." For one thing, she said, her ancestors settled in Louisiana, mostly around New Orleans, when they came from Europe.


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