Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Too Many Joshua F. Cockeys

From The (Towson, Md.) Jeffersonian:

Store tracks family names

By Loni Ingraham

Welcome to entrepreneur Josh Cockey's latest venture, "The Family History Store," in Towson.

Through the wonders of the computer, it elegantly answers the question, "What's in a name?" in Old English type and a wide choice of mats and frames - coats of arms optional.

The store, at 22 Allegheny Ave., can explain the derivation of 500,000 surnames.

"More people than ever are becoming interested in this stuff," Cockey says.

And speaking of the derivation of names, if 80-year-old Cockey introduces himself as "Joshua Cockey of B," is there an A or a C or a D?

No, there were just too many Joshua F. Cockeys to keep track of beyond the fifth generation, he says. So the B stands for Bennett, his father's name. "It means I'm the son of Bennett," he explains.


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