Sunday, October 16, 2005

Blame the Great-Grandparents

From the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel:

Counselor uses biblical lessons about 'generational sin'

Critics argue that the approach lets people off the hook for their own lives.

By Shawna Gamache | Religion News Service
Posted October 15, 2005

Struggling with alcoholism? A failing marriage? An abusive personality? Psychologists might say you can blame Dad, Grandpa or someone even further back for your personal problems.

Familial patterns of behavioral or emotional issues are a key part of modern psychology, but one counselor and author says the theory is older than most experts think, and she has the biblical verses to prove it.

Beverly Hubble Tauke, a licensed clinical social worker in Fairfax, Va., grounds her sessions in the scriptural lessons of "generational sin," the belief -- particularly prevalent among some evangelical and conservative Christians -- that sins committed by one generation will be repeated in the next three.


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