Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Civil War Soldier For Sale, As Is

From The Nashua (N.H.) Telegraph:

Group wants bones buried

By DAVID BROOKS, Telegraph Staff

Published: Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2005

Bones from a Civil War gravesite that had been offered for sale should receive a military funeral, a leader of a Civil War re-enactment group said Monday. But the owner of the bones would not say what will happen to them, calling them “private property.”

The bones, included in the catalog of a Milford auction house for a sale Sunday in Bedford, were withdrawn from the sale amid complaints from Civil War hobbyists, veterans and state Attorney General Kelly Ayotte.


[T]he auction catalog clearly identified the items from a Virginia gravesite, apparently belonging to a Union soldier from New York, as “three sections of human lower jawbone with 11 teeth in place and two loose teeth as well as two small bones perhaps from hand or foot.”


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