Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Evidence of Intelligent Design?

From the Battle Creek (Mich.) Enquirer of Oct. 11, 2005:

Tilled soil yields missing headstone of 3-year-old

Sarah Chuby
The Enquirer

While Millie Goodson cleaned out her flower garden, she stumbled across a stubborn rock.

After she couldn't pull it out of the ground, she started to dig out the earth around it.

On that spring 2003 day, Goodson dug deeper and deeper into the soil to fish out what looked to be a long stone.

And then she used her gardening hoe to retrieve the dirty 35-pound marble slab.

"I brought it in the house and washed it off," she said. "I would have left it outside, but the top of it was oval shaped, so I had a feeling of what it was."

After she cleaned it off, the words "Mary," "March 21, 1871" and "3 years" became legible.


[Read the whole story]

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