Friday, October 21, 2005

Evidence that Rural America is Disappearing

From The Boston (Mass.) Globe:

Missing: Lot 38

By Bruce Mohl, Globe Staff | October 9, 2005

IPSWICH -- Michael Kosinski remembers as a teenager driving with his father to look at 2 acres of land his family had purchased west of town. His memories of that trip include turning off at the Clam Box restaurant on High Street and a road covered with shells.

Today, 35 years later, Kosinski is again looking for that land, but this time no one knows where to find it. His father and mother have both passed away, and the town of Ipswich, which once owned the land and has been collecting taxes on it for the past 50 years, can't locate it.

"The lot exists," said Frank Ragonese, the Ipswich tax assessor. "It just can't be pinpointed."

How does a 2-acre parcel of land just disappear?


. . . Ragonese, while sympathetic to Kosinski's position, said it's not the town's responsibility. "As the owner of the property, he should be telling us where it is," he said.


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[Hat tip: Genealogy Blog]

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