Sunday, October 09, 2005

For These Dead Folks, Every Day is Earth Day

From The (London, U.K.) Sunday Times of Oct. 9, 2005:

Farmers targeted in hunt for green graves

Richard Oakley

MORE people than ever want to take their environmental concerns with them to the grave — quite literally. As a result, Irish landowners are being asked to provide plots for the country’s first-ever environmentally friendly burial sites.


[Judith] Hoad, a herbalist and writer whose husband lies beneath an apple tree in her garden in Inver in Co Donegal, said: “Natural burials are a greener, more environmentally friendly form of departure from the earth. A site of land is made available and it can be privately owned or run by a council. It can be woodland or a nature conservation area or just a field or wild garden. There are trees and bushes, wildlife and fauna rather than gravestones, flower arrangements, gravel and mowed lawns.

People use eco-friendly coffins that allow their bodies to join the food chain as compost and feed other living things.”


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Aren't there some baby seals we should save before we start worrying about the gravestones littering our countrysides?

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