Monday, October 31, 2005

Get Closer to Your Ancestors, But Not Too Close

From The (Twin Falls, Idaho) Times-News of Oct. 31, 2005:

Haunted homesite?
Reporter delves firsthand into mystery

By Joshua Palmer
Times-News writer

KIMBERLY -- Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and sometimes that truth sends chills up your spine.


I was skeptical of the stories I heard about the Stricker Homesite. Either I hadn't seen enough horror movies, or I just wasn't in tune with, well, whatever it is that ghosts do. So I decided to find out for myself if the stories were true by staying the night alone in the Stricker mansion, and this is where my story begins.


It was about this time when I heard a loud scraping noise like somebody dragging something on the floor above me. It broke the silence and sent me into a thought crazed frenzy to come up with logical reasons for the sound. I wasn't searching for holy water and a crucifix -- although I did have a bottle of Dasani and a Maglight -- but I was searching for anything to explain something I didn't know, so I wondered if this was how ghost stories were created.

I heard that people feel closer to their ancestors when they do genealogy or visit ancestral sites, and I wondered if maybe we sometimes confused that feeling with, say, the sensation you get when total silence is broken by a loud scraping sound.


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