Friday, October 21, 2005

Ghosts Long in Tooth, Short on Details

From the Exeter (N.H.) News-Letter of Oct. 21, 2005:

Tracking down those taciturn ghosts: Lots of old houses

Barbara Rimkunas

One of the many services we offer at the Exeter Historical Society is assistance with house research. We can't always track down everything about a house, but we are at least familiar with the resources available for researchers.

It can be a very thrilling task as we trace the owners back through time with directory entries or bits and pieces of information gleaned from newspaper accounts. But at least two or three times a year I get a client who is interested in more than just a house's history.

"I want to know if anyone died in my house," is the usual inquiry that sends up a red flag.


Why do the ghosts never recall their own last names? They love to tell the mediums their first names: "Charles," "Sarah," "James," or any number of names our early ancestors used over and over, sometimes within a single generation, but they never say "Oh, and my surname was Gilman and I lived in the 1700s." It would be so helpful if they would.


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