Thursday, October 20, 2005

Jennifer Hitler Has the Same Problem

From The Asian Age of Oct. 20, 2005:

Youngsters say no to their surnames

- By Christina Francis

Hyderabad: What's in a name? Well, everything. At least that's what youngsters believe. Gone are the days when only a Madonna or a Kajol would use only their first names fully confident of the fact that their names were instantly recognisable.

More and more young people have jumped on the single-name bandwagon. Many youngsters seem pretty comfortable with their first names and don't think twice before chucking their surnames or trading longer names for shorter ones.


Interestingly, Carmen Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden's sister-in-law, chooses to keep her dubious surname even after her divorce. She takes pains to inform airport authorities in advance about her travel plans because every security alert goes off each time her name flashes. If she can hang on to her politically very incorrect surname, wonder why youngsters are so hard on their presumably less notorious fathers.

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