Sunday, October 16, 2005

Jesus is Just All Right With the Germans

From The Arizona Republic:

German 'name police' active

Authorities ban kookie, complex names for kids

Mary Jacoby
Wall Street Journal
Oct. 15, 2005 12:00 AM

LUXEMBOURG - Young Leonhard Matthias Grunkin-Paul has a problem: His name is illegal.

The German boy's divorced parents want Leonhard to be known by their combined last names, an increasingly common practice elsewhere. But authorities in Germany, citing a law against hyphens, have refused to allow it. So Leonhard, born in 1998, officially has no last name at all.


A Dusseldorf court in 1998 rejected the name Chenekwahow Migiskau Nikapi-Hun-Nizeo Alessandro Majim Chayara Inti Ernesto Prithibi Kioma Pathar Henriko, on the grounds that the mother's wish to honor multiculturalism shouldn't result in an awkwardly long name for the child. A Frankfurt court upheld the name Jesus the same year, in part because it's widely known that Christ was male, leaving little room for gender confusion.


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