Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Dad, the Graverobber

From the Greeley (Colo.) Tribune:

Traveling tombstone gets a final resting place

Mike Peters
October 24, 2005

SIX THOUSAND MILES. That's how far "Rosa" traveled during the past 25 years, from New York to California, to rural Weld County and back home again to New York.

"Rosa" is a tombstone. And Rosa is home now.

Will and Linda Piper are the ones who finally brought Rosa home, last month, to the wooded, abandoned cemetery in New York.


Will's father, Willis Piper, found the 50-pound "Rosa" tombstone among the remnants of the cemetery and wanted to take it home to California to use in some stone work on his patio.


"We hope nobody thinks of my father as a bad person," Will said. "He was a good man who probably didn't really think it was wrong to take the tombstone."


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