Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pardon Denied

From The (San Diego State Univ.) Daily Aztec:

History lies six feet under

San Diego cemeteries offer more than cheap thrills; they give us a glimpse into the county's diverse background and culture

By Heather Quinn, Assistant City Editor
Published: Monday, October 31, 2005

For a good Halloween scare, there isn't any place as universally creepy as an old graveyard.


But apart from their more morbid aspects, cemeteries have another story to tell. They are the repositories of the rich history of San Diego, the only places where the dead can still speak to the living - not as ghosts, but as legacies carved in tombstones.


As Antonio Garra was led to the open grave he would momentarily occupy, he was ordered to beg pardon for the crime he was sentenced to execution for.

"Gentlemen, I ask your pardon for all my offenses, and expect yours in return."

Upon saying these last words, Garra was shot and killed by the waiting firing squad, according to, the San Diego Historical Society's Web site.

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