Monday, October 31, 2005

Skeleton Shortage a National Crisis

From the Milwaukee (Wis.) Journal Sentinel:

Bones of contention
Woman works to have her skeleton donated to school

Last Updated: Oct. 30, 2005

For 10 years, Pegi Taylor has been waging a bone-wearying battle. To her surprise and relief, she may have just won the first round.


Taylor, 51, a Milwaukee-based freelance writer, performance artist and art model, campaigns on behalf of human skeletons. She thinks there aren't enough around, and she's trying to get them back into classrooms across the nation.

She's also been searching for a way to keep her own skeleton intact and on display after she dies. She has found this mission surprisingly difficult but may have finally prevailed.


"It's not as though I'm advocating for the use of skeletons," said Taylor. "I am responding to a national crisis," in which schools don't want to buy skeletons because of their expense and uncertain origin.


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If you've ever wondered how medical-school skeletons are produced, be sure to read the whole article. With the lights on.

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