Wednesday, October 19, 2005

They Paid for a Single

From the Monterey County (Calif.) Herald of Oct. 19, 2005:

$40,000 award in cemetery lawsuit


Associated Press

FRESNO - A Hmong family was awarded more than $40,000 Tuesday in a suit charging a local cemetery with burying their matriarch in a grave that already contained someone else's bones -- a repulsive finding family members said was an affront to their religious beliefs.


Xia Yang's family had paid $1,914.38 for a plot at Mountain View cemetery in 2003. When they were shoveling dirt over the grave, following three days and three nights of a traditional funeral, they saw bones and two rusty casket handles in the dirt.

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That's just not right. I'm Hmong myself and I think everybody should be treated equally. Even the dead.


Thanks for your comment. You won't find a group more sympathetic to your concerns than we genealogists.

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