Sunday, October 23, 2005

Town Terrorized by Stocker

From The (Allentown, Pa.) Morning Call of Oct. 23, 2005:

Unsettling situation

Sign honors founder of Stockertown — but it has the wrong guy.

By Arlene Martínez
Of The Morning Call

Traveling south on Sullivan Trail from Plainfield Township in scenic Northampton County is a pleasant drive marked by quaint homes, sprawling fields and small pubs.

Next stop, a small borough welcomes you with a friendly announcement on a historical marker: "Stockertown: Named for First Settler Jonas Stocker. Founded 1774."

Ah yes, Jonas Stocker, the founder of Stockertown, who arrived from— um, and worked as a, uh, well�


"History of the Borough of Stockertown" is [Virginia] Lopresti's small, simply published book that is nonetheless considered an authority on the municipality. There is not a single mention of Jonas Stocker in it.

The reason is this: "Jonas Stocker never had anything to do with the founding of Stockertown," Lopresti says.


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