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Friday, October 07, 2005

Watch Those First 1,024 Steps, They're a Doozy

From of Oct. 7, 2005:

gardening with Kids - Stepping Stones

Many garden centres now sell kits, where you can make your own stepping stones, but it's easy to make them at home.

Get every one in your family to make one, as a 'memory path' in your garden, or even your own walk of fame!

First of all make the moulds for the stepping stones.


Now that you have a mould, you can fill it with cement.


Take an old pen and let them write their names in the cement.


You could make a family tree path, starting with Grandma and Grandad, closest to the house, then Mummy and Daddy, and any Aunties and Uncles, then finally, the little ones themselves.

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Amended instructions for genealogists: Start with your kids and work outward no more than, say, twenty generations. Include all aunts and uncles. Buy additional land as needed.

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