Monday, October 31, 2005

What Grandpa Didn't Tell You About the War

From Guardian Unlimited (of London, U.K.):

Top brass feared worst as GIs and good-time girls enjoyed blackout

Owen Bowcott
Tuesday November 1, 2005
The Guardian

Swarms of prostitutes and "good-time girls" pestered American soldiers in Mayfair to the extent that they posed a menace to Anglo-US relations, according to wartime police files released today.

Two conferences were organised at the Home Office to forestall the spread of moral outrage in the US and combat venereal diseases on the streets of London's West End. The Metropolitan police papers, withheld for more than 50 years but now in the National Archives in Kew, show a police force under pressure from senior US officers to clamp down on the trade.


A letter to the Home Office said a US-born lady complained the "neighbourhood swarms with women and girls, some in their early teens, who pester American soldiers, clinging to their arms, refusing to be shaken off, telling stories of poverty".


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