Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yes, But What Color Were His Pants?

From The Albuquerque (N.M.) Tribune:

For 1890 special census, it's good to be at the end of the alphabet

By Mary Penner
Tribune Online Columnist
October 20, 2005

Consider yourself lucky if your Civil War veteran ancestor lived in a state that begins with the letters K-W. Actually, Kansans fall into the unlucky category while half of the Kentuckians lucked out. What's lucky about the K-W states?

Most of the 1890 special veteran's census schedules exist for the second-half of the alphabet states, while schedules for the first-half of the alphabet states appear to have gone hopelessly missing.


Keep in mind that this census was taken 35 years after the end of the war.

Memories had faded and not all of the data is accurate. The only thing the widow of Jacob Watson could remember about her husband's service was that he wore a "blue coat."


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