Friday, November 04, 2005

And If You Could Bring Along Paul McCartney...

From Cheshunt and Waltham (U.K.) Mercury of Nov. 4, 2005:

Sir Cliff, you may be one of the family!

LEGENDARY singer Cliff Richard, who grew up in Cheshunt, could have a long-lost relation in Waltham Abbey.

Pensioner June Ive and her daughter Linda Square are trying to piece together whether the pop star, who lived for many years in Hargreaves Close, Bury Green, is, in fact, one of their kin.

The pair believe the connection with Sir Cliff, who recently returned to the borough for a visit, stems from the superstar's real surname - Webb.


June says she would like Cliff to have a look at her great-uncle William Webb in the black and white wedding photo.

"If Cliff could look at the photo, he could say yes or no," she said. "I would like to know. It would just clear it up."


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