Saturday, November 12, 2005

Another Victim of Kiltophobia

From KFVS12 (of Cape Girardeau, Mo.), posted Nov. 12, 2005:

Student Removed from High School Dance for Wearing a Kilt

By: Lauren Keith

Jackson, MO - Nathan Warmack says he just wanted to show pride for his Scottish heritage. So he wore a kilt to the "Silver Arrow" dance last Saturday at Jackson High School.

But when he got there, the principal said the kilt was a distraction and told him to change. Now, Nathan and his parents want school leaders to change their dress code policy.


Nathan says he's researched his family genealogy and even saved up his own money to buy this kilt. "It was embarrassing. I was hurt when I was told to change," said Nathan.


[Read the whole story]


And folks in rural Missouri wonder why they have a reputation for being back woods primatives? The Super is an Anderson, the Principal is a McClard. These so called educators don't even know their own heritage.

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