Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Book I'm Glad I Couldn't Have Written

Seen on eBay:

My Family Tree: Researcher Goes Out on a Limb
How to prune a family tree or pull it up by the roots

These days it seems everybody is researching their family tree; I’d just as soon prune mine. I guess I'm not exactly Miss Congeniality of Genealogy and here's why. On my mom’s side you’ve got the depressed, impractical, overweight, addicted, shopaholics, and lousy drivers. On my dad’s side you’ve got the religious fanatics, perverts, gamblers, homophobic homosexuals, and schizophrenics. Not that they drive any better.


This thing I'm writing will be finished one day and could be yours. It will include a family tree diagram with all the names or characteristics filled in as much as I can which will make a nice accompaniment to the autobiography I'm writing.


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