Monday, November 28, 2005

Canadians Disapprove of 'Dick'

From the Ottawa (Ont.) Sun of Nov. 27, 2005:

What's in a name?

New Canadian book offers tips on naming your child


WHAT DO Dick, Barbie, Adolf, Elmo, Rambo and Nimrod all have in common? Their parents should have mulled over their names a few more times before putting them in print!


Canadian author and new mom Shandley McMurray has written the book for parents-to-be who are in the delicate situation of choosing a name for their baby. Hey Baby, What's Your Name takes you through Ashton to Uma, with humour and candour.

"This is what's going to be on her birth certificate, college diploma, marriage certificate," says McMurray. "If you give her a really crappy name, she's not going to thank you for it later!"


[Read the whole story]
Unfortunately, Hey Baby! What's Your Name? is aimed at the Canadian market, and is probably chock-full of names like "Alannis," "Avril," and "CĂ©line."

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