Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Climbing the Christmas Tree

From BBC News, posted Nov. 23, 2005:

DNA search for 'father' Christmas

By Paul Rincon
BBC News science reporter

A team of scientists in Oxford is trying to prove whether families with the rare surname of "Christmas" all descend from a single male ancestor.

They want to study the DNA of men from different Christmas clans to see if they are linked by a common genetic heritage as well as by their surnames.


DNA analysis company Oxford Ancestors is currently appealing for volunteers for the study and is being assisted in the effort by Henry Christmas, a former telecommunications engineer who has spent 50 years researching the origins and history of his own family name.


[Read the whole story]


I realize I'm no scientist, but, uh, shouldn't they be working on "Kringle"?

Or, is that an old folk's tale? What say you Chris? :-)


Well, talk about being an American.

Apparently the British refer to the big guy as Father Christmas.


I'm thinking he keeps a different wife in each country, thus the different names. The scoundrel.


Oh, I see, like a sailor...a wife in every port. Or, in his case, a pilot.

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