Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Common Complaint

From Yorkshire (U.K.) Post Today, posted Nov. 1, 2005:

Proof that we're all relatively common

With DNA analysis becoming the latest technique to be used in tracing family trees, Sarah Freeman took a swab and went on the trail of her own ancestral mother.

It is a scientific fact – I am undeniably common.

There were admittedly signs – I have tea when I should really be sitting down to dinner, I've frequently used a serviette instead of a napkin and my house doesn't have a lavatory, it has a toilet.

But in my defence there was also the university education, the ability to say please and thank you without being prompted, and the fact I have never worn a sovereign ring and don't like Pot Noodles.

However, it seems middle-class aspirations and any attempts to climb the social ladder count for nothing. I have been betrayed by my own disappointingly humdrum DNA.


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