Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dad, I Hardly Knew Ye

From The Cincinnati (Ohio) Enquirer of Nov. 27, 2005:

Woman finds past a secret
Her father wasn't who he said he was

By Eileen Kelley and Kimball Perry
Enquirer staff writers

CLIFTON - Regina Heidelburg tried Friday to write her father's obituary.

She realized she didn't know where to begin.

A man who zealously guarded his privacy, Robert Cuthbertson left his daughter searching for answers after she found him dead Thanksgiving Day.

"I don't even know where he was born," said Heidelburg.


Heidelburg then called "my auntie," Josephine Johnson.


After Johnson saw Cuthbertson's body, she told Heidelburg she had something to tell her.

"She then told me, 'I'm not your aunt. We are actually no relation to you and I cannot afford too much to come out of (my) pockets (for a funeral).' She basically told me he was adopted into the family," Heidelburg said.


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