Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Downstairs Neighbors Are Very Quiet

From The (London, U.K.) Independent:

Edward Scissorhands: Dance at the cutting edge

'Edward Scissorhands' is the latest in a string of works by Matthew Bourne that have made ballet cool. Alice Jones joins the choreographer at rehearsals

Published: 18 November 2005


Bourne has a penchant for the dark and occasionally macabre in his works, and in his own life, which makes sense of the pairing with [director Tim] Burton. Bourne collects ventriloquists' dummies and "battered old toys with bits missing". Last year, he bought a house and has been delighted to discover 20 gravestones in the cellar. He was drawn to the property by a well-preserved 17th-century gravestone in the garden. "I found that very appealing. I think Tim would love the house - it's got a lot of history."


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