Saturday, November 19, 2005

Even DNA Has Its Limits

From The Denver (Colo.) Post of Nov. 18, 2005:

DNA testing may give blacks elusive answers about ancestry

By Karen E. Crummy and Katy Human
Denver Post Staff Writers

Prominent members of Denver's African-American community are lining up to find something slavery had taken away: their roots.

Denver Broncos defensive player Trevor Pryce, Jammin' 92.5-FM disc jockey Gloria Neal, and City Council members Michael Hancock and Elbra Wedgeworth are among thousands of African-Americans trying to trace ancestry with DNA tests.


. . . Denver deejay Neal said testing would give her more than what she knows now: the history of her father's family but not that much about her mother's ancestors.

"I don't know if it'll give me the boat number we came over on, but whatever it gives me will be more than what we know now," she said.


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