Monday, November 14, 2005

Favoritism is Genetic

From AScribe Newswire:

Genes Contribute to Patriotism, Group Loyalty

LONDON, Ontario, Nov. 14 (AScribe Newswire) -- Research showing the importance of genetic similarity to group loyalty and patriotism was published in the October issue of Nations and Nationalism (Vol. 11, pp. 489-507; an academic journal from the London School of Economics).


For example, identical twins grieve more for their co-twin than do non-identical twins. And, family members grieve more for children who resemble their side of the family than they do their spouse's side.

Also, spouses who are more genetically similar have longer and more satisfying marriages.

Based on their DNA, two randomly chosen individuals from the same ethnic group are found to be as related as first cousins.

Thus, two random people of English ancestry are the equivalent of a 3/8 cousin compared to people from the Near East; a 1/2 cousin by comparison with people from India; and like full cousins by comparison with people from China.


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