Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Genealogist Loses Control, Moves to Iowa

From The (Council Bluffs, Ia.) Daily Nonpariel:

New York couple stays after school closes

TOM MCMAHON, Staff Writer

IRWIN - When people ask Adrian Brisee why he moved from the Albany, N.Y., area to Irwin, he tells them "for the school." When people ask Brisee what grade his child is in, he tells them "I don't have any children."


"I always wanted to live in a school," Adrian said. "We were looking for a bigger retirement place."

Bigger than the former hotel they lived in near Albany - not just a room, the entire hotel.

"The (hotel) ceilings were starting to sag because of the books," [his wife] Leslie said. The books are Adrian's. He is into genealogy.

"It started as a hobby, but it got out of control," Leslie said. Today he has over 12,000 items.


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