Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Genetealogy/Anthrogenealogy Deathmatch

Just a week after I plugged the term genetealogy, a second neologism with the same meaning is making waves.

Dick Eastman wrote yesterday of a new DNA-Anthrogenealogy site at Yahoo! Groups. "Anthrogenealogy" was coined by the folks at FamilyTreeDNA.com for the burgeoning field of genetic genealogy.

Neither "anthrogenealogy" nor "genetealogy" will be wholly satisfactory to etymologists (would horses study "hippogenealogy"?). Then again, "homophobia" has prevailed despite making little sense.

In keeping with my belief that the opinions of others should be gathered, considered, and then discarded, I've added a poll to the right sidebar. Vote for the term you prefer. In case of a disputed outcome, the Broward County Supervisor of Elections will be consulted.

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