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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

He Shot the Sheriff, Right?

From the Antigua Sun:

The past alive in the archives

Tuesday November 01 2005

As the nation gears up to celebrate its 24th anniversary of Independence, some students from the Glanville’s Junior Secondary School had the opportunity to take a trip back through history to gain an appreciation of its importance.

They were guided through the exploration process by Dr. Marion Blair, the Director of the National Archives of Antigua & Barbuda, located just above the East Bus Station in Victoria Park.


Going through the whole facility, the gaps in their education about their local history were gaping.

“Who can you recognize from our calypsonians?” asked Dr. Blair casually. The children could not recognize any in the photo, although they said that King Short Shirt looked like Oliver from Jamaica. They at least knew their prime ministers.

They could recognise some of their cricket players, but not all. They recognized Bob Marley straight away but, did not know any other regional heroes, such as Eric Williams or Marcus Garvey.


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