Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Head South of the (Iowa) Border

From The Mexico (Mo.) Ledger of Nov. 1, 2005:

Englishman searching for his roots, ends up in Mexico


Ledger Staff Writer

Over an all American lunch of tenderloin sandwiches and french fries, a little bit of family history was made Wednesday at the Jackson Street Diner.

It was the first time in possibly centuries that the two branches of the Bickleys - that is, the Devon, England Bickleys and the Mexico, Mo. Bickleys, saw each other face to face.


Documents Roger and Anthea [Bickley] found in England showed their relatives left for someplace called Mexico, Mo., but they initially envisioned their ancestors in much more tropical surroundings. They weren’t sure why John Howard and Samuel Williams would have chosen ‘the other’ Mexico to escape England’s mid-century depression.

“We didn’t know about state abbreviations,” said Anthea.


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