Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Must See Family Tree TV

From The (Biloxi, Miss.) Sun Herald of Nov. 22, 2005:

Long Beach man featured on Court TV show



David Hilbert, a longtime Long Beach resident and former entertainment director of Casino Magic Bay St. Louis, will star alongside his brother in a new television program premiering tonight on Court TV.

"Heir Hunters," which premieres in two back to back, 30-minute episodes beginning at 10 p.m., focuses on the Los Angeles-based company Heir Hunters International, founded by John Hilbert, 47, who for almost 20 years has specialized in finding lost heirs who are entitled to money.

"The show is about finding the rightful heirs to millions of dollars," said John. "There's never been a show on genealogy on TV before."


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Maybe there's never been a show on genealogy on American TV before. But the British are way ahead of us.


The Brits always seem to be ahead of us...and, I don't know why they like American TV, but they do.

History Detectives has had some genealogy on their show, though you have to bit your tongue with some of the leaps they make. ;-)


Ah, yes, the History Defectives. Any genealogist following their advice would end up bankrupt but well-traveled.


Well, it wasn't a long series, but didn't PBS do Ancestors? I didn't see it, but they still have it up on their website.


You're right, they did. And I'm pretty sure I watched a few episodes (my long-term memory must be going). The website is here.

Ancestors had a ten-episode run in 1997. Thirteen episodes of the sequel, Ancestors II, aired in 2000.

BTW, I just got done watching the first two episodes of Heir Hunters, and I give it two thumbs up. Since their results have to stand up in court, the researchers are bound to do a good job establishing the facts. After all, if they get it wrong, they don't get paid.

I also like the graphics they use to represent family trees — especially the big red X they place over the face of each dead family member. I think I'll use one of these trees the next time I watch the Godfather trilogy.

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