Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Next Best Thing to Clones

From UCW Entertainment Newswire, posted Nov. 17, 2005:

Great new genealogy book written by twin sisters

/UCWE/ - Announcing the publication of “Climbing Family Trees-Whispers in the Leaves”! Spring Creek Books is pleased to release this highly informational and cleverly written book on heritage hunting, or more commonly known as family history.

Twin authors Trina Boice and Tracey Long, who share the same family tree, help readers learn how to climb their own family tree with easy to follow steps, hundreds of resources and dozens of inspiring stories by people who have found much more than just names and dates while climbing their family tree. There are helpful “how to” tips and tons of creative ideas on how to include your family in your research efforts as well as celebrate your discoveries and honor your ancestors.


[Read the whole story]
To borrow a recent joke from The Daily Show, here's a photograph of the authors.


"Twin authors...who share the same family tree"

Okay, in *what* instance would they *not* share the same tree?

And why does it matter if twins wrote the book? Are they special, besides genetically?

This Genealogue inquirer wants to know. Okay, maybe not. I was just bored. :-)


The story would be much more interesting if they were conjoined twins.

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