Monday, November 21, 2005

Not What the Pilgrims Had in Mind

From The Times (of London, U.K.) of Nov. 22, 2005:

Sisters united thanks to father – Donor 150

From David Charter in Washington

THIS year’s Thanksgiving dinner will have a very unusual twist for two teenage sisters in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania.

Danielle Pagano and JoEllen Marsh have never met. Nor have they ever seen the father they share. They know him only as Donor 150.

The two teenage girls belong to a new type of family model where half-siblings born from the same anonymous sperm donor to different mothers have tracked each other down using the internet.


[Read the whole story]
Good taste prevents me from making a "turkey baster" joke.


Okay, that's got to look really weird in the father field: Donor 150. Do we use "Donor" as the last name? ;-)


Strangely enough, the Soundex code for "Sperm donor 150" (S165) is the same as for "Springsteen." I think we've found the girls' father.


I see I ended up anonymous before...maybe I should change my handle to "Donor 151" :-) Naw, I'm too lazy to sign up.

Anyway, it could also be "Springer", as in Jerry. Yikes.


For the children's sake, let's hope it's Springsteen.

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