Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Police Crack Down on Illicit Shingling

From The (Troy, N.Y.) Record:

Cemetery roof job dies quick death

By: Robert Cristo, The Record

TROY - Even if it was for a good cause, a handy man hired by a private organization to repair the caretaker's house at Mt. Ida Cemetery was asked Monday by city Police to put down his tools and move off city-owned property.

City Police showed up Monday afternoon at the cemetery to find a hired worker peeling some of the worn shingles from the caretaker's house roof to make way for some long-needed repairs to the old, vacant and decaying property.

The only problem, according to police, was that the worker had no insurance and was doing the work without the city's permission.

"Basically ... the guy broke into the cemetery to fix the roof," said city spokesperson Jeff Buell.


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