Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Tasty Way to be Tarred and Feathered

From the (Mesa, Ariz.) East Valley Tribune:

Gilbert Ward connects with ancestors by re-enacting Mormon trek

By Lawn Griffiths, Tribune
November 12, 2005

Something unexpected happened near Coolidge when families of a Gilbert Mormon ward re-enacted the historic and rigorous handcart journeys of Mormon pioneers across the West.

As planned for the second day, a mob with blackened faces and bandanna masks ambushed the handcart companies. They fired blanks and demanded that Joseph Smith be turned over to them to be tarred and feathered.

According to script, a 16-year-old boy stepped forward to receive the abuse in Smith’s stead and was covered in chocolate pudding and feathers.

But children (ages 7 to 11) on the trek "thought this was real, they really thought the men were there to hurt their prophet," said trek organizer Jeanine Smith, no relation to Joseph. "The children attacked the mob with poles they used to pull their handcarts."


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