Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Till Death Do Us Partner Up With Someone Else

From Hawkes Bay Today (of Hastings, New Zealand):

Remarriages putting pressure on burial space



Land is at a premium in Waipukurau cemetery and if you want a plot you need to die soon or reserve a site.

Central Hawke's Bay Council says Waipukurau cemetery is expected to run out of burial plots in the next two years while Waipawa and Otane cemeteries will be filled sometime in the next 10.

One of the problems is caused by spouses purchasing plots next to their deceased partners only to remarry and decide to be buried elsewhere.


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HappY :)

somehow odd..?



Imagine the possible solutions. Maybe they should try "Grave Sharing" — like carpooling for the dead. Or a matchmaking service that fixes up abandoned dead spouses.


I keep hoping that someone will give me a free plot in a space not taken. But, I suppose I would have to marry into the family...would I have to be dead to take advantage of the matchmaking service? ;-)

"...He suggested people be buried at 'extra depth' so loved ones could be buried on top."

Funny, that's the way I wanted to go out of the world. I suppose it would be fitting to remain that way forever.


"...He suggested people be buried at 'extra depth' so loved ones could be buried on top."

I can't believe I missed that quote.

I would guess that younger women wouldn't mind being on top, but that older gals might find it intimidating or unnatural. To my mind, what happens in a grave between a husband and wife is none of our business.

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