Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Top Ten Last Words Uttered by Genealogists

10. "That tombstone doesn't look so heavy."

9. "They may be cannibals, Mildred, but they're still my cousins."

8. "So, you've turned my father's birthplace into a meth lab?"

7. "Be open-minded, sweetheart. The early Mormons thought polygamy was great."

6. "It looks like the closest Family History Center is in . . . Baghdad."

5. "Wow, Grandpa, thanks for telling me about your days in the Mafia."

4. "Check it out! The mole on my back is starting to look like the family crest!"

3. "This was my great-grandparents' wedding cake? Tastes a little funny."

2. "I'm a Civil War reenactor, honey. Let the surgeon do his work.

1. "Yes, I canceled my Ancestry.com membership. What can they do about it?"


Absolutely brilliant again.

Do you have comedy in your genes? No, I'm not referring to that small bulge...but, ancestor wise? ;-)


What do you mean "small"?


Re: #8. So, you've been to Missouri?


"Missouri has led the nation in meth lab seizures each year since 2001."

Is this a good or a bad statistic?


I guess it depends on what type of cooking one enjoys. But it's just one of our recent crowning achievements.


Wow. Throw in St. Louis-born Chuck Berry and you're leading the nation in sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Makes me wonder why I don't spend more time in Missouri...

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