Friday, November 11, 2005

Top Ten Ways to Make Genealogy More Exciting

10. Learn to identify your relatives by smell alone.

9. Take a drink every time Grandpa says, "When I was a boy. . ."

8. Hold your breath whenever you drive past or stroll through a cemetery.

7. Collect DNA samples from all your ancestors, living and dead.

6. Go to the NGS conference dressed as your favorite Rocky Horror character.

5. Visit Colonial Williamsburg and offer to play the role of your ancestor, the village harlot.

4. Try to beat the manual microfilm-rewinding record of 14.6 seconds.

3. Play "Truth or Dare" with great-uncle Louie.

2. Ask a Hells Angel if you can show him your ahnentafel.

1. Judge the wet T-shirt contest at your next family reunion.



9...pass the beer. drive past? I slam on the breaks.

7...and then submit them to the FBI database.

6...even better yet, make it mandatory *everyone* dresses up in their favorite character.

5...hmmm, a guy playing the village harlot.

4...ouch, that hurts just thinking about it.

3...unless Louie was in the mob.

2...I don't know, he might want to show me his.

1...grandma in a wet t-shirt contest?! Bad visual, bad visual!


"5...hmmm, a guy playing the village harlot."

I'm trying to increase my female readership. Come to think of it, maybe the "wet T-shirt" reference was misguided...

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