Monday, November 14, 2005

Would There Be a Grandfather Clause?

From The (Racine, Wisc.) Journal Times Online, posted Nov. 14, 2005:

Can't-miss ideas for fees from minds of readers
By Mike Moore


[O]ne faithful reader e-mailed in suggestions on how to save the Racine Heritage Museum. Since then, the county hammered out a way to do just that. For future reference, I thought the ideas were still worth sharing.

First would be a "great grandmother fee," under which "genealogy patrons could pay $20 per ancestor found," she wrote.


[Read the whole story]


You didn't quote the other ancestor related passage:

...Even better, "The museum could rent out the mummy for $100 per Halloween party."

Personally, if I rented out my mummy, I would probably be thrown in jail.

Yes, I know, we are whacked on the west coast too. :-)


I would recommend buying instead of renting. Then you don't have to worry about losing your security deposit.

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